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Dr. D. R. Findlay BScDC Chiropractor of Calgary, AB – Care For Everyone

The office of Dr. D. R. Findlay BScDC Chiropractor has been serving patients with biomechanical rehabilitative needs in Northwest Calgary and Southern Alberta for 32 years.

Whether you desire to be rid of a minor “kink”, twitching or irritation or require major physical therapy, our office is the place to come to get started down your road to recovery.

All Ages and Degrees of Afflictions Welcome
We are a family practice catering to everybody from infants to seniors, working with both individual clients and groups of all mobility levels.

We Don’t Just Treat Your Ailments, We Educate You Too
We not only treat and rehabilitate your movement ailments, we educate you about them and explain how those issues affect your nervous system and why diligence in your recovery is important.

Our Office is Your One-Stop Shop for Pain Relief and Increased Mobility
Among the client’s care options are the choices of:

  • Acute Care
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Maintenance Care
  • Preventative Care

Whenever possible, we allow each patient to choose the type of wellness or care they wish.

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